Bee Tutored Parent Teacher Association Perks Program
Let Bee Tutored partner with your school's PTA.
 Bee Tutored offers one-on-one tutoring in home as well as small group classes at our classroom in Park Slope. We work with students grades K-12.
 Once your school is signed up to Bee Tutored PTA perks, any family at your school can qualify for our perks program. This allows for fundraising to take place year round!
Bee Tutored will give 10% of sales for any one-on-one sessions back to your school's PTA. Payments are given back to PTA's every 3 months. 
Bee Tutored Teachers will host parent information sessions geared toward a topic of your choice.

Additional Sponsorship and Volunteer Opportunities at your school events & fairs.
 Bee Tutored PTA Perks Team will keep track of all referrals and donate to your PTA on a quarterly basis.